Whole Home Generator Installation in Naples, Florida

Whole Home Generator Installation

During your last power outage experience, you may have been thinking about adding a generator system to your home as a backup plan when the electricity goes down. You’re likely debating between a single-unit generator and a whole-home generator option. While they both offer power benefits, single-unit generators can’t compare to the maximized power whole-home generator systems deliver to your home.


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What is a Whole Home Generator?


Whole-home generator systems are integrated into your existing electrical system and operate as a backup power source in the case of an outage. Using a whole-home generator allows you to keep all of your major appliances running, despite others in your neighborhood losing complete power. This keeps your fridge and food safe and doesn’t allow an outage to impede your daily tasks or routine.


Whole-home generator systems are especially effective in homes during the more extreme weather months. If the scorching summer heat or freezing winter snow is impacting your home during a power outage, your whole-home generator will restore comfort, keeping your central cooling and heating system up and running.


Why is a Whole Home Generator Preferred Over a Single Unit?


Whole-home generator systems are preferred over a single unit because they can power all your appliances, while single-unit generators are limited to a select few. In addition, whole-home generator systems pop on immediately when they’re needed because they register your system’s power loss. Reversely, single-unit generators need to be rolled out during an emergency and must be stored somewhere during their off-time.


Storing small generator systems while you’re not using them leaves them prone to additional wear and physical damage. Therefore, your unit’s inactivity can also cause further issues when you start it back up. Whole-house generators are not impacted by this factor. Instead, they are regularly kept up through your active home electrical system.


Whole Home Generator Cost


Your whole-home generator cost will depend on its size and the size of your home. With additional square footage comes additional appliance powering needs. In general, whole-home generator cost options range from around $10,000 to $20,000. While this may sound like a hefty start-up, whole-home generator systems give you peace of mind that your food and family are kept safe even if the power doesn’t return for hours or days.


Whole Home Generator Installation Services


Our whole-home generator installation services address both new whole-home generator installation services and whole-home generator replacements. Whether you’re upgrading from a single unit, or trying out a more modern model of your existing system, we can help you learn about your new system’s additional benefits.


Whole Home Generator Installation


During a new whole-home generator installation service, our trained electricians will run the necessary electrical wires and connect your generator’s fuel source. Typically, a whole-home generator installation will take anywhere from one to three days to complete. Your installation timeline will depend on which model we are helping you install.


Whole Home Generator Replacement


Whole-Home generator replacement is typically necessary anywhere from 25 to 40 years after your system’s initial installation. You may need a whole-home generator replacement if your appliances are not turning on like they should while your generator is in use. Additionally, you shouldn’t experience brown or blackouts while your generator is running.


Whole-home generator replacement services start with our professionals inspecting your current model and existing system. Our whole-home generator replacement services provide better energy efficiency because your new system won’t struggle to provide power.


Additional Whole House Generator Services


In addition to whole-home generator installation services, we also offer maintenance and repairs to improve your system’s lifespan. Maintenance on your generator should occur at least once to twice a year. During maintenance appointments, our electricians will inspect any faulty components and suggest the best whole-home generator repairs for your home and system.


Whole Home Generator Maintenance


Whole-home generator maintenance involves tasks like checking fuel levels to effectively perform oil changes and replacing filters. Regular whole-home generator maintenance improves your system’s performance and ups its resale value. Buyers on the market for new homes find high value in whole-home generator systems due to their safety and convenience measures.


Our electricians can help you schedule your whole-home generator maintenance and regular intervals throughout the year to keep your system up to code and efficient all year long. For systems with regular inefficiencies, we may recommend seasonal maintenance services, while systems with high performance can benefit from one to two maintenance services per year.


Whole Home Generator Repairs


We also offer whole-home generator repairs for faulty parts in your backup power system. Whole-home generator repairs address faulty wiring, poor electrical connections, and a lack of power emitting from your system. Trusting our licensed and insured company provides peace of mind that you are receiving services that adhere to the electrical code and safety measures.


Typical whole-home generator repair services are handled in a day or two. If the repair is more significant than that, we can schedule major repairs and provide a potential timeline for their completion. During our projects, we will maintain clean and tidy workstations free of any hazardous materials, so your home remains a safe space.


Trust A/C Electrical Services For Your Whole Home Generator


A/C Electrical Services is your reliable electrical company near Naples, FL for your whole-house generator services. Bringing the Naples community trusted electrical services for nearly 25 years, our products are reliable and long-lasting. Our employees will show up to your project with prompt, professional services, and a friendly disposition to help you learn more about your home electrical system.


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