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Electrical Services in Marco Island, FL

Electrical issues aren’t just frustrating. They can be scary, as well. An electrical problem can damage appliances in the home or put your life and property at risk. This doesn’t take into account the high electricity bills you may receive because of this issue.


If you are having electrical problems at your home or business, call A/C Electrical Services. We offer a range of electrical services in Marco Island and can have an electrician in Marco Island to your home or office quickly. Whether you are having an issue with outlets and switches or want to upgrade your indoor lighting, our team can help. We also offer electrical inspections. Call today and we will get you on the schedule.


If you need electrical services in Marco Island, FL, call us today at (239) 597-1789. We’ll get you on the schedule.


Our Electrical Services


Our electrical services cover every aspect of the electrical system in your home or office. We repair and replace electrical panels, install ceiling fans, and can ensure your electric vehicle is always ready to go with the help of an EV charger installation. Our electrician in Marco Island can even install smoke detectors for you, as our goal is to meet your electrical needs completely.


Electrical Installation Services in Marco Island


Customers often call us when they need help with installing a new electrical component. Electrical installation projects are some of our favorites, as we love to see how excited clients get when our work is done. Whether you are looking for whole-house surge protection, wish to install additional outdoor lighting, or simply want another outlet in the kitchen, we can do the work for you.


Lighting Installation


A dark house doesn’t feel cozy and welcoming. Call us if you need to improve your indoor lighting. Our electricians enjoy helping with projects like this, as they get to see a room transform in a matter of hours.


Outlet and Switch Installation


You may find the home needs a new outlet or switch. Don’t stress over having this work done. Our electrician in Marco Island can install standard outlets or GFCI ones before converting a traditional light switch to a dimmer switch. It’s all in a day’s work for us.


EV Charger Installation


It’s frustrating to own an electric vehicle that is always dead. Avoid this issue by scheduling an EV charger installation with us. With a Level 2 charger, your car can charge completely overnight, so it is ready to go when you are.


Ceiling Fan Installation


Beat the summer heat by installing ceiling fans throughout the home. This is one of the many electrical services in Marco Island we offer, and it is one service our customers love. We’ll help you find the right fans for your home or office.


Electrical Repair Services in Marco Island


You may need electrical repairs at any time in Marco Island, FL. We have an emergency electrician on call to help you when something goes wrong outside of normal business hours. Reach out and we’ll have this emergency electrician at your home as soon as possible.


Wiring Repair


It’s scary when you have a wiring issue in the home because you can’t see the wires without opening a wall. Call us when you need electrical repairs that involve wiring and rewiring the home. We have the tools and experience needed to find the problem and resolve it quickly. Wiring and rewiring projects are not for those with little electrical experience, as too many things can go wrong during a project of this type.


Electrical Panel Repair


Electrical panels are essential components in every electrical system. When a problem arises with the panel, you need help right away. Call us and we’ll repair or replace this panel. Ask about whole-house surge protection, as this is a great time to have that added to your Marco Island, FL home’s electrical system.


Outlet & Switch Repair


Outlets and switches receive a lot of use, which leads to wear and tear. We can help if you have an outlet or switch in the home that no longer works. Call us today at (239) 597-1789 and we’ll get an electrician out to help resolve the problem.


Additional Electrical Services in City



Need Electrical Services in Marco Island, FL? Call A/C Electrical Services Today!


Contact us when you need electrical repairs or want to have electrical upgrades to the home. Founded in 1998, our company continues to offer quality work at affordable prices. What started as a single shop has now grown to be a full-service electrical contractor serving Southwest Florida. If you need a commercial electrician or a residential one, we are the company to call. We cannot wait to be of help to you.


Call A/C Electrical Services for electrical services in Marco Island. We can be reached at https://acelectric.net/ or by calling (239) 597-1789.