Commercial Electrician in Naples, Florida

When remodeling your business, it is important to work with a reputable electrical contractor who has the skill to meet all of your needs. From the placement of your electrical systems to types of lighting, our team has you covered. For over 19 years, A/C Electrical Services has done a fantastic job handling the needs of many customers just like you in Southwest Florida.

No project is too large, including room additions and tenant build-outs. We will provide a detailed plan from the start of your project, which includes a detailed estimate of costs. Our licensed electricians are here to serve your needs and exceed your expectations!

We help Commercial Property Managers maintain their properties, from common areas in residential developments to Plazas and Malls. We also help building managers maintain their High Rises or Apartment Buildings.


Commercial Electrical Repairs

You need to make sure that the property you manage for a client or a tenant is always being properly maintained. Our company can handle commercial repairs for buildings and properties of all sizes. We even developed a Commercial Electrical Safety Program to make sure that your buildings are always up and running. Safety is always our top priority and we will provide a electrical needs on any repairs you need.


Commercial Electrical Maintenance

When you manage large properties for tenants and other clients, you want them to know that you take their safety and maintenance concerns seriously. Since electrical repairs are costly and can lead to “down time” for your tenants, you need to keep a high level of consistent maintenance on your properties so they are always working properly. We have the solutions you need for your company.

Commercial Electrical Installation

As your business grows and requires a more complex electrical system, it is important to work with a licensed electrical contractor who can handle your project, regardless of size. When you need to install new electrical panels, lighting systems, surveillance systems, or other items that are important to your business, trust that A/C Electrical Services will exceed your expectations.

Commercial Electrical Remodeling

When performing a remodel of a commercial structure, there are items that need to be addressed such as local building code, design and placement of electrical systems, types of lighting systems to be used, and safety features such as smoke alarms and surveillance equipment. Hiring a qualified and licensed electrical contractor with extensive experience in these areas can make all the difference to you and your tenant.


High Bay Lighting

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