Electrical Troubleshooting in Naples, Florida

Electrical Troubleshooting in Naples, Florida

Electrical systems are complicated. There are many components at work. At times, these systems break down and stop working. This is normal, no matter how frustrating it is. With such a complex system, it can be difficult to notice faults. If you know a lot about electricity, you may have an easier time seeing these signs of trouble. 


Some problems are hard not to notice, even with untrained eyes. When you see sparks, hear a buzzing sound, or smell a burning scent, you know something is wrong with your electricity. You don’t need a degree to tell you that. Sadly, unseen malfunctions can be just as dangerous. You may not know it, but your home’s electrical system could be unsafe. 


That is why it is vital to have a skilled electrician check your electrical system regularly to eliminate potential threats before they happen. A/C Electrical Services is the perfect company to provide electrical help. We have over 20 years of electrical troubleshooting experience. We will be able to spot electrical problems and offer lasting solutions.


For more information on our electrical troubleshooting and repair services, contact us at (239) 597-1789 or schedule an appointment online.


What Is Electrical Troubleshooting?


Electrical troubleshooting is the method of examining and investigating the performance of a faulty electrical circuit to determine electrical problems. If your home is experiencing problems, call us today, and we will send one of our residential electricians to you as soon as possible.


How To Know If You Need Electrical Help


Electrical problems come in all shapes and sizes. It may not seem like a big deal at first; a professional will see the future implications an electrical fault might have. 


Flipped Breaker

Your breaker will flip when too much power is used at one circuit. This could easily result from too many electronics plugged into a single outlet. You could just unplug some devices or even install more outlets to ease the pressure. This could be more serious if it happens even when one appliance is plugged in. 


Power Surges

Although power surges can be out of your hands since lightning strikes and power grid activity are the primary causes, you can install power surge protectors in your whole home to keep your devices safe from voltage spikes. 


Flickering lights

The cause of flickering lights can range from minor to major. Your light bulb may not be tight enough, or it could be more serious problems like a faulty light switch or a loose light plug. For the best electrical repairs, call A/C Electrical Services. We will uncover the reason behind your flickering lights in no time!


Light Bulbs Burning Out Too Quickly

Light bulbs don’t last forever, but if you replace them too often, something bigger is at work. There are various possible causes for this. You could be using the wrong bulb; your home’s voltage could be too high for it, or there could be a connection problem. Because there are so many variables, an expert should analyze the situation before providing a solution. 


Metal Surfaces Shocking You

If you keep getting shocked when you touch metal things in your home, there is a chance that your home is not grounded. This is not a good sign and shows that your home is not safe. Call us immediately to take care of your electrical repairs so that you and your family stay safe.


Hot Outlet Plates

Warm switch covers are a sign that your outlet is overworked. When the demand is higher than the voltage supplied to an outlet, the plate can heat up. This can be corrected by unplugging some appliances. If you have a limited number of outlets, A/C Electrical Services can install new ones. Electrical upgrades ease the stress on your system.


Burning Smell Around Outlets

Your home’s wires are insulated with plastic. When you smell burning around an outlet, the insulation is likely burning. This is a fire hazard. The first thing to do is trip your circuit breaker, so you can unplug the appliances safely. After you have done this, be sure to call us. 


Sparking Outlets

You should stop using an outlet until you contact an electrician if you see blue sparks and hear a strange popping noise when you plug an appliance into an outlet. This could be a sign of frayed or damaged wires. It has the potential to start a fire if left unchecked.


Safety First

Although you may be fed up with your circuit breaker tripping, it happens for a reason. This is a good indication that something is wrong with your electricity. These problems are dangerous for you and your family. Most of them can end in a fire or electrocution. It is of utmost importance to call a professional before things get out of hand. If your business experiences any of these issues, A/C Electrical Services will send one of our brilliant commercial electricians out. Keep your staff and customers safe!


Trusted Electrical Troubleshooting in Naples, Florida!


If you have a troublesome electrical issue in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call for service. You have a trusted team of residential and commercial electricians at your side! A/C Electrical Services is there for you. 


For more information on our electrical troubleshooting and repair services, contact us at (239) 597-1789 or schedule an appointment online.