Surge Protector Installation in Naples, Florida

Whole House Surge Protector Installation in Naples, Florida

You wake up, and the first thing you do is make coffee. As you plug your brand-new espresso machine in, you hear a pop and see sparks near the outlet. After testing other outlets, you come to the sad realization that your espresso machine is damaged. 


Losing a valuable appliance to a power surge can be frustrating. You have likely spent lots of money on your electronic appliances and devices. Replacing them because of an error in your home is enough to raise your anxiety levels. Thankfully, there is a solution to these vexing voltage spikes. You can eliminate the threat of losing your electronics by installing a whole-house surge protector. A/C Electrical Services offers whole-house surge protector installations in Naples, so you can take care of your devices. 


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What is a Power Surge?


Standard voltage levels for household appliances and electronic devices are between 110 and 220 volts. When more voltage comes through wires into devices, it's known as a power surge. These surges can be small or large; small surges damage your appliances slowly, while large voltage spikes immediately affect your electronics. 


Power surges happen for several reasons. Large electronic appliances can cause a spike in the voltage just switching on and off. Surges can also be a result of the power grid switching or even from lightning. These voltage spikes happen throughout the day. Power surges can even damage appliances like an HVAC unit, costing you an unbelievable amount of money to replace them or forcing you to do without. 


What is a Whole-House Surge Protector Installation?


A whole-house surge protector protects your appliances by preventing these voltage spikes. This device is installed in your home’s electrical panel and is wired directly to your main breaker.


The Advantages of Whole-House Surge Protector Installation


It may incur additional costs at first, but the long-term benefits are worth it. Speak to an electrician from A/C Electrical Services to discuss the advantages of a whole-house surge protector. 


Homeowners have the option of installing individual surge protectors on each outlet. While this sounds good, it is more expensive than a single whole-house surge protector installation. The upfront cost is much lower. It only makes financial sense to do it this way. In addition to the low installation costs, you will save money on replacing the appliances that get damaged during power surges. HVAC units are expensive to replace. A whole-house surge protector seems like nothing compared to installing a whole new HVAC system. Whole-home surge protector installation costs can be as low as 10% of the price of a new HVAC system. 


Another sweet benefit of a surge protector is that it is easy to repair. An electrician from A/C Electrical Services can fix your whole-house surge protector quickly and easily. Replacing a surge protector is also simple and affordable. Just ask one of our skilled technicians, and they will tell you how hassle-free a surge protector installation is. 


A whole-house surge protector will also lower the chances of your other appliances needing maintenance due to voltage spikes. This will save you money on unnecessary services. The money you save can be spent on something useful. 


What is the Difference Between a Surge Protector and a Power Strip?


Power Strips

Power strips are plugged into your outlets to allow extra space when you run out of outlets in your home. Power strips won’t protect your home from voltage spikes like that of a whole-house surge protector. In addition, if you have ungrounded outlets in your home, power strips won’t be of any use. 


Whole-House Surge Protectors

Whole-House surge protectors will limit the impact of power surges and protect your appliances. They may cost more than power strips, but they are far more effective when it comes to preventing damage from voltage spikes. Whole-House surge protectors will still work if your home’s outlets are not grounded. 


Whole-House Surge Protector Installation You Can Depend On


A/C Electrical Services has over 20 years of experience with electrical systems; we guarantee excellent service, quality products, and friendly electricians. Our main priority is safety. Electricity is dangerous and needs to be handled in a controlled and safe way. Our team of professionals pays attention to small things so that your home is electrically compliant and safe to live in. 


You may see tutorials on installing your own surge protector. We advise against this. To install a whole-house surge protector, an electrician must work with the wiring and the electric panel in your house. This is extremely dangerous for those who are untrained. There is also the chance that you increase the whole-home surge protector installation costs by doing it incorrectly. 


Save money and time by hiring a professional electrician who is more than qualified to install these smart devices. Our electricians at A/C Electrical Services will do the job right immediately! 


To protect your devices and appliances, make the smart choice and schedule a whole-house surge protector installation. You won’t regret it. Call A/C Electrical Services at (239) 597-1789