Outdoor and Security Lighting in Naples, Florida

Outdoor and Security Lighting in Naples, FL

Outdoor lights improve the style and functionality of your home. The experts at A/C Electrical Services can help you improve your outdoor space to show off features like your pool or prized garden. Our outdoor and security lighting in Naples, FL, starts with precise measurements, an ideation phase, and then ends with reliable installations and repairs using long-lasting products.

Are you looking for outdoor lighting in Naples, FL? The experts at A/C Electrical offer outdoor and security lighting services that will make your home more stylish and safer. Give us a call today to learn more about our lighting services or to schedule an appointment at (239) 597-1789.

Benefits of House Lights Outdoor

So what are the benefits of house lights outdoor? Installing lights outside your home helps to keep animals and potential burglars away from your yard. In addition, outdoor lights improve your home’s appearance, with increased curb appeal and a higher home value. Finally, outdoor lights make your outdoor entertaining space and walkways easier to navigate in the dark.

Services For Outdoor Lighting in Naples, FL

Our services for outdoor lighting in Naples, FL handle outdoor lighting installation, security lighting, outdoor light fixtures, porch lights, floodlights, outdoor LED lighting, outdoor deck lighting, and lawn lights. All of our lighting services are completed with precision and safety.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Our outdoor lighting installation services in Naples start by examining your space and determining which goals you’re intending to accomplish with your outdoor lighting. When it comes to your light positioning, we’ll consider outlets, wiring, and distance from your home.

Security Lighting

Outdoor lights are used for both aesthetic and security applications. Security lighting works to alert you with motion sensors if someone enters your property. Stationary lighting products can have security purposes too, with light itself deterring intruders from an occupied home.

Outdoor Light Fixtures

Outdoor light fixtures include the casings around your lights, their corresponding bulbs, and the wiring or outlets connected to your landscape lighting. When you experience an exterior lighting fixture that is faulty or fails to work entirely, we can help you replace the broken component. We can also install new outdoor light fixtures to brighten your home and improve its curb appeal.

Porch Lights

Porch lights keep the entrance to your home safe and easy to navigate after dark. With a proper porch light, you can easily find your house key or enjoy your front yard space at night. Porch lights make your home feel warm and inviting. We can help install your porch lights safely.


Outdoor floodlights are useful to highlight a big space. As evidenced by their name, they flood an area with light to draw attention to it or to show something off. These lights are most useful for security lighting while you’re sleeping, flooding your yard with protective illumination. Multiple floodlights can be compounded for high-intensity security lighting.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting lasts longer than other outdoor lighting fixtures. It’s also energy-efficient, making it an easy choice for homeowners. Outdoor LED lighting is useful on your exterior walls, and on garden or fountain spaces that regularly come into contact with water. LED lights avoid the heat that typical lights project. This makes them the ideal choice around sensitive plants.

Outdoor Deck Lighting

Outdoor deck lighting makes your backyard a safe entertaining space for barbecuing, jumping into the pool or hot tub, and dancing the night away during a home party. We can help you choose which outdoor deck lighting features are best for your home and family needs and then install them correctly and safely.

Lawn Lights

Lawn lights are regularly used decoratively to highlight trees or lawn features like a fountain. They also help out brightening Christmas displays. Lawn lights are also used to brighten walkways and uneven pathways, so guests and family members stay safe when entering or exiting your home. Finally, some lawn lights are solar-powered, and they charge in the sun.

Trust A/C Electrical Services For Your Outdoor Lighting in Naples, FL

The trusted electrical contractors at A/C Electrical Services have been serving the Naples, FL, community and its surrounding neighborhoods since 1998. We put our customers first, which is why we’re available day or night to help you with your electrical emergencies and lighting needs. When you have a home electrical project, our experts have a solution!

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