EV Charger Installation in Naples, Florida

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Naples, FL

Growing in popularity over the more recent years, electric vehicles have gone from an uncommon sight to an everyday occurrence in today's life. While these vehicles are designed to run on electricity making them an environmentally friendlier alternative to the traditional gasoline vehicles, they do still require a source of power to operate. That’s where the professionals at A/C Electrical Services can help with quality EV charger installation!


We offer the Naples, FL area quality and dependable EV charger services that can help power electrical vehicles of various makes and models. Not every electric vehicle will have the same type of charger or charging capacity and that’s why it’s important to hire a qualified electrician that you can trust to get you the right charger for your specific vehicle.


If you own or are thinking about owning an electrical vehicle, contact our certified electricians at A/C Electrical Services today and ask about our EV charger services near you!


Keeping It Clean

Minimizing the pollution put into the air, electric vehicles help protect the environment and keep our atmosphere cleaner. Keeping it clean helps improve the overall air quality that we all breathe every single day, improving our overall health and way of life. While the technology is still in the earlier stages with electrical vehicles, the interest and popularity it has gained are making it an ever more popular choice of vehicle. 


Professional EV Charger Services in Naples, FL

At A/C Electrical Services our electricians know EV charger services inside and out. We’re qualified to install a variety of chargers so that you’ll get just the right one for you and your vehicle. We’re Naple’s go-to for EV charger installation with professional service and friendly electricians.


What is an EV Charger?

An EV charger is essentially like having a gas pump within your house, except for your electrical vehicle. EV chargers allow those who own electrical vehicles a way to charge their vehicles using the electrical services from their homes. Using the correct voltage and amps, EV chargers can replenish the battery within an electrical vehicle much like a typical gasoline car fills up its tank at a gas pump.


The different types of EV chargers can be broken down into three levels, indicating their charging capabilities. These levels include::


  • Level 1 chargers: 120-volt, or 3-5 miles worth of charge per hour, used in workplaces, public, and home charging stations.
  • Level 2 chargers: 208 to 240-volt or, 12-80 miles worth of charge per hour, used in workplaces, public, and home charging stations.
  • Level 3 chargers: 400 to 900-volt or, 3-20 miles worth of charge per minute, used in public charging locations.


Electric Car Charger Installation

When it comes to your home car charger installation, several factors must be considered to get you the dependable charging that your electrical vehicle needs. This includes what type, make, and model of vehicle you own, as well as what your home’s current electrical panel and the system can handle.


Different kinds of vehicles are going to require different amounts of electrical power to properly, safely, and efficiently charge your vehicle. We understand these differences and are specialists when it comes to getting you just the right EV charger installation you need for your car.


When you need professional EV charger installation for your electric vehicle, call A/C Electrical Services and speak with our qualified electricians about our EV charger installation services near you.


Home Car Charging Station

Just like you would with any electronic device that runs on a battery, you’ll have the ability to plug in your electric vehicle when not in use to recharge its battery. Having the convenience to do this from the comfort of your home makes owning an electric vehicle convenient, and as easy as plugging in your cell phone at night.


With professional EV charger installation, we’re able to help get you the most dependable home car charging station possible. Allowing you to rest assured that your car will be ready to roll when you are thanks to reliable EV charger installation services.


Your Local Go-To EV Charger Service Experts in Naples, FL

Enjoying the benefits that owning an electric vehicle can bring is something that everyone may get to enjoy at some point. However, at the moment they’re still relatively young in their technology, leaving plenty of room for further advancement and improvements.


So if you need professional quality EV charger installation for your electric vehicle, call the experts at A/C Electrical Services so that we can get your electrical vehicle ready to roll!