Electrical Services

Electrical Services in Immokalee, FL

Families today rely on electricity for both work and recreation in their homes. When the electrical system is not working or not working well, it can be challenging to get through the day. At A/C Electrical Services, we have commercial and residential electricians to replace or upgrade your home to get things running smoothly again.


Electrical Services in Immokalee


At A/C electrical services in Immokalee, we have trained technicians with the necessary tools to restore or upgrade electrical functions. We treat you like family, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.


We provide electrical repairs and electrical installation to the Immokalee, FL area. Our professional electricians are trained and skilled in their trade and undergo drug testing and background checks to ensure they are safe in your home.


Electrical Installation


If you are looking for an electrician in Immokalee for installations, look no further. Our technicians can complete major projects like installing electrical panels, wiring, and rewiring. We also offer smaller services, like installing ceiling fans and smoke detectors. Electrical upgrades can transform a home into a beautiful and functional space.


Generator Installation and Repair


No one likes to be without conveniences during a storm or power outage. We can provide an emergency electrician to come out and perform electrical inspections in your home. In addition, we can install and perform maintenance and repairs on whole-house generators. A whole-house generator integrates into the electrical system and provides electricity to an entire house when the utility company cannot. Generators can keep indoor and outdoor lighting working, keeping your home safe and comfortable. Never again do you need to be without power during a storm or power outage.


In addition to whole-house generators, we offer small generators. These can come in handy for keeping refrigerators going and heating the home. While it doesn’t cover all of a home’s luxuries, it takes care of the basics. Our technicians will ensure your home is wired and equipped with a generator to keep your necessities running should an emergency happen.


Home Protection


Because homes today are wired with many electrical devices, including televisions, appliances, and computers, it is more important than ever to have whole-house surge protection. Even smoke detectors are extremely important in a home. Electronics are expensive, and one surge could ruin a plethora of devices. We will keep your Immokalee, FL house protected from this danger.


Smaller Jobs and Upgrades


No job is too small for us. We can install and repair outlets and switches to make your home more comfortable and up to code. We pride ourselves in quality electrical installation. Electrical problems can happen any time during the year, and wear and use are the top two factors affecting electrical functions. Our electrical repair specialists will begin by testing a home’s system for inefficient parts. While we are fixing that issue, we can often suggest ways to improve the overall system and avoid future problems.


Our electrical services in Immokalee can make sure your older home has safe outlets and switches. Older homes may need upgrades to modern AFCI outlets that ground stray voltage and direct it away from the home. Bathrooms and kitchens can benefit from GFCI outlets that are safe around water and help families avoid electrocution accidents.


Older homes often lack the necessary number of outlets to run modern electricity and appliances that families use today. Before doing any work, we provide electrical inspections for your home. We can install more outlets to allow the electrical system to run more efficiently. This saves homeowners money on their monthly bills because the system doesn’t have to work as hard.


Lighting Installation


Call to have an electrician in Immokalee help with your indoor or outdoor lighting needs. It can be dangerous to have animals creeping around your home at night. Outdoor lighting can help keep them away from the yard. Raccoons, especially, are frightened by bright lights that resemble daylight. We also install indoor lighting in recessed lights, ceiling lights, and even ceiling fans.


EV Chargers Installation


With the price of gasoline rising, many families are opting to purchase electric or hybrid cars. These families also want the convenience of charging it from home. We provide EV charger installation for homes. Having a charging station at home reduces the travel time it takes to find a charging station while driving. There are different sizes of EV chargers available with varying capacities.


Lower-capacity EV chargers can take a day to charge an electric car. This can be helpful if the electric car is a secondary vehicle. Homeowners who want to charge their everyday vehicle from home need a higher-grade charger. We provide commercial-grade EV charger installation, reducing charging time to about three hours.


At A/C Electrical Services, we offer professional, reliable services in Immokalee, FL. Whether you need small projects like having smoke detectors installed, or larger jobs like wiring and rewiring, new electrical panels, or whole house surge protection, we are here to help. We can offer a residential or commercial electrician and an emergency electrician when needed. Give us a call today.