Electrician in Fort Myers, Florida

Electrical Services in Fort Myers, FL

Nobody wants to discover they have an electrical problem. It’s hard to know the extent of this problem without calling a residential or commercial electrician. Call A/C Electrical Services when you find yourself in need of Electrical services in Fort Myers, FL. Doing so ensures you get quality service at affordable prices.


Our company has been serving the residents of Southwest Florida since 1998. While we started as a one-man shop, the company has grown over the years. We have you to thank for this. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. How can our team be of help to you?


If you need electrical services in Fort Myers, FL, contact us today at (239) 597-1789 and we will schedule your appointment.


Our Electrical Services


Our Fort Myers, FL team is ready to assist with electrical repairs, installation services, upgrades, and more. Regardless of what work you wish to have done, you can count on us to do the job right. You will love our prices, as well.


Electrical Installation Services in Fort Myers


Do you have an electrical installation project you would like to complete? Call our electrician in Fort Myers and we will help turn your dream into a reality. We can tackle any electrical installation project you have in mind, so call us today.


Lighting Installation


Your home needs plenty of outdoor lighting to ensure family members and guests make their way safely around the property. Our team can help you design an outdoor lighting plan that achieves this goal. We also assist customers with indoor lighting tasks, as you can never have too much illumination in the home.


Outlet & Switch Installation


You rarely think about the outlets and switches in the home until you cannot find one when you need it. Call us and we’ll send someone out to install additional outlets or switches to keep up with the increasing demand of your household.


EV Charger Installation


Let our electrician in Fort Myers handle your EV charger installation. While they are at the home, have the electrician install smoke detectors together with the EV charger installation. The smoke detectors will alert you to any problems that arise in the garage, one area many homeowners overlook when installing these devices.


Ceiling Fan Installation


Ceiling fans are a wonderful addition to any home or office in Fort Myers. They help to cool the home or building when the temperature soars outside. Call us today and we’ll have your ceiling fans up and running quickly, so you get much-needed relief from the heat.


Electrical Repair Services in Fort Myers


Reach out to our emergency electrician when you need electrical repairs outside of normal business hours. We recognize certain repairs cannot wait. With the help of our team, you can have the problem resolved before it escalates.


Wiring Repair


Wiring and rewiring projects should always be left to the professionals. Too many things can go wrong with a project of this size. Let us know when you need wiring or rewiring of the home or office, and we’ll get you on the schedule.


Electrical Panel Repair


Many people overlook their electrical panel until something goes wrong with this device and they need an emergency electrician to come out right away. Electrical panels should be inspected yearly to catch problems early. When our electrician visits the home, ask about whole-house surge protection to keep your devices safe. As this surge protector is connected to the electric panel, this is the perfect time to have one installed.


Outlet & Switch Repair


Outlets and switches are the workhorses of any home or office. They get used countless times each day, which can lead to the need for outlet and switch repair. We’ll complete these repairs quickly and efficiently, so you can return to your normal schedule.


Additional Electrical Services in Fort Myers



Need Electrical Services in Fort Myers, FL? Call A/C Electrical Services Today!


Electrical inspections are an excellent way to ensure your electrical system is in good working order. Call A/C Electrical Services today and we’ll have an electrician in Fort Myers, FL visit your home or office. If any problems are found, our electrical services in Fort Myers, FL are designed to resolve them quickly and easily.


Let us know when it is convenient to have the residential or commercial electrician complete this inspection. Our goal is to help you complete essential tasks with minimal disruption. Electrical inspections provide you with peace of mind, and no price can be put on that.


When you need electrical services in Fort Myers, contact us. We can be reached at https://acelectric.net/ or by calling (239) 597-1789.