Electrical Inspection in Naples, Florida

Electrical Inspection

Owning a home is likely one of your most significant investments, so it's essential to ensure its electrical components are up to code. Scheduling electrical inspections for your home helps to provide peace of mind regarding electrical safety and reliability. An electrical inspection will not only check the electrical panel and all wiring throughout the house, but also offer the opportunity to identify any problem areas before they become hazardous.

If you're looking for electrical inspection services in Naples, FL, A/C Electrical Services can help. Our experienced technicians provide quality electrical inspection services that detect existing electrical problems in your home and identify electrical components that may need replacement or repair to ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems. By hiring us, you can enjoy ongoing electrical protection for years.

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When Do You Need a Home Electrical Inspection?

Older homes may not follow current standards as electrical codes and regulations evolve. Even if a home is up-to-date with code, it may need more electrical capacity to accommodate today's increasing electrical demands from multiple laptop or smartphone devices in the family. Fortunately, a residential electrical inspection can give you valuable insight into your home's electrical systems and what needs to be modified or upgraded. This electrical review will help you understand the condition of your electrical systems and where improvements are necessary for a reliable power supply throughout your home.

Home electrical inspections are also essential for anyone buying or selling a home. They help determine potential wiring issues and ensure that safety standards have been met and updated accordingly. This peace of mind reassures both sellers their investments will be safe. At the same time, buyers can rest assured they're purchasing a property meeting all requirements regarding its electrical system before committing to it. Investing in a professional home electrical inspection service is always a good idea; they can provide invaluable insight into safety codes while helping you make the best possible decision. 

What is Included in an Electrical Inspection?

When considering an electrical inspection, it is vital to know the items that should be included in an electrical inspection checklist. An electrical inspection generally consists of the following:

  • An electrical panel inspection 
  • A smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector testing 
  • An inspection of your home’s electrical wiring 
  • Testing of electrical circuits to ensure that they are properly grounded and free of shorts or other problems
  • Testing of outlets to ensure that they are providing the proper voltage and amperage

By conducting a comprehensive electrical inspection according to the checklist specified by the relevant authorities in Florida, you can help ensure that your electrical system is safe and secure.

Some Electric Code Guidelines for Your Home’s Spaces Include:


As you keep electrical safety at the top of your mind, bathrooms require an electrical inspection before occupancy. For added protection and convenience, GFCI receptacles should be installed no further than three feet from the sink basin – not on countertops. Each bathroom must also have its dedicated 20-amp circuit to avoid overloading when appliances with high wattage are plugged in. A residential electrical inspection ensures these and other electrical safety requirements are met, which keeps the occupants safe and comfortable.

General Rooms 

Ensuring general residential spaces meet electrical safety standards is vital for various reasons. This means confirming that wall receptacles are appropriately spaced throughout each room, having a plug every 12 feet apart. Any wall space 24 inches wide or broader must include one outlet, while hallways over 10 feet should have at least one. By following these guidelines, the general rooms in your home can easily pass an electrical safety inspection and provide the necessary protection against hazardous situations.


For residential electrical safety inspections, kitchens must have the right components. GFCI (ground fault current interrupter) countertop receptacles must be no more than 20 inches above counters, except when needed for physically disabled individuals or islands/peninsulas where this can’t be avoided. Outlets should also be installed on islands/peninsulas as part of an overall inspection plan to ensure all areas are up-to-date regarding electricity standards. Keeping residential electrical inspections up to date is vital for safety and well-being in these high-traffic areas of the home.

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