Chandelier & Decorative Lighting Installation in Naples, Florida

Chandelier & Decorative Lighting Installation

With chandelier and decorative lighting installation services, your home is transformed into a stylish, and sometimes even festive, space. At A/C Electrical Services, our goal is to improve your home by making it more functional and safer. While chandelier installation and decorative lighting installation services offer a fun flare to your home, they also offer better daily workflow.

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Decorative Lighting and Chandelier Installation Services

Our decorative lighting and chandelier installation services include chandelier installation, decorative lighting installation, tape lighting, under cabinet lighting, pendants, art lighting, and holiday light systems. We offer affordable lighting installation cost solutions because we believe all of our customers deserve the ability to afford stylish and functional lighting systems.

Chandelier Installation

Chandelier installation can be simple and straightforward or very intricate, depending on the complexity of the chandelier system you choose. Due to its varied nature and wiring requirements associated with chandelier installation, you should always seek professional services for your home electrical projects.

Chandelier installation also varies in price, ranging from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. Since chandeliers can weigh hundreds of pounds, it’s important for our electricians to assess your ceiling’s weight-bearing capabilities. All of our chandelier installation services are well planned and handled with the proper safety precautions.

Decorative Lighting Installation

Our decorative lighting installation offers upgrades inside and outside your home. We can help you highlight your prized backyard garden, or we can light your vanity to make it easier to see while getting ready. Decorative lighting installation services allow you to have fun with your home, customizing its light to fit your mood, interests, or daily schedule.

Decorative lighting installation services don’t just have to be about looks. They can also increase your home’s functionality. Lights along your backyard walkway can be both stylish and safe, effectively lighting pathways so no one trips or falls. Additionally, lights in your hallway can light your path to the bathroom at night and also illuminate family photos hung on the wall.

Tape Lighting

Tape lighting allows for some extra customization when it comes to your lights. While tape lighting may not be as classy as a chandelier, its fun features allow you to change your light settings to different colors and patterns. Tape lights are typically made with LED lights, making them last longer than fluorescent lights and being less sensitive to the eyes.

LED lights are also useful for your home lighting system because they consume less energy than other lighting systems. This helps to keep your home lit, while your monthly energy bills remain low. Tape lighting is especially useful for mood lighting in bedrooms.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is most useful when it comes to food preparation. Lighting your counter from below helps you see new perspectives during the cutting and marinating processes and makes seeing specific baking measurements easier from below. In addition, under-cabinet lighting allows you to create colored looks in your kitchen for dinner parties or celebrations.

Under cabinet lighting is also popular with buyers on the home market. If you’re looking to resell your home in the future, under-cabinet lighting offers a luxurious benefit. Buyers will flock to your well-lit cabinets, ready with offers to make them their own.


Pendant lights refer to single lights that are hung from the ceiling to create a stylish living room or kitchen look. Since pendants only suspend a single light bulb from the ceiling, they are not considered to be chandelier lights, which suspend multiple light bulbs from above. Since chandeliers are bigger and showier, they are typically the more expensive option.

Pendant lights are especially useful for illuminating a specific task, instead of broad lighting. They can help you prepare food in your kitchen, read a letter at your desk, and put on makeup in your bedroom. Because of their versatility, pendant lights appear stylish and useful in various rooms throughout your home.

Art Lighting

If you have an extra talented family member, or you’re artsy yourself, art lighting helps to show off drawn or painted masterpieces. Art lighting can be mounted on the wall or to the frames that hold your pictures. Bringing the light closer to your picture or farther away can help to evoke a different mood. Since art lighting is specific to fine art, it also offers heat protection. This ensures your art is kept in its best quality and isn’t becoming damaged over time by fluorescent bulbs.

Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are a fun and festive way to celebrate the Halloween or Christmas season. Our decorative lighting installation services help prepare your home for the holiday season. We can help you hang Christmas lights around your roof or power elaborate displays on your lawn.

During a holiday lights appointment, our trained electricians can also explain ways you can run your holiday lights more efficiently. They will also go over any safety measures you should take to avoid electrical fires, power outages, or electrical shocks from your increased power load.

Trust A/C Electric For Your Chandelier Installation or Decorative Lighting Installation Services

A/C Electric has been serving the Naples, FL community since 1998. With nearly 25 years of experience, our expert electricians bring the proper knowledge and experience to get any electrical job done. When you’re looking for reliable lighting services, A/C Electric has the tried and true solutions your home deserves. We pride ourselves on having the best employees in the industry, who bring friendly and helpful attitudes to each project they take on.

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