Arc Fault Breaker Services in Naples, Florida

Arc Fault Breaker Services

Arc fault circuit breakers can save your life, making them the easy choice for your home outlets. The National Electrical Code requires AFCI outlets in bedrooms, dining rooms, and other living area spaces. The experts at A/C Electrical Services can help you update your current electrical system, so it stays safe and in line with industry standards.

Keep reading to learn more about arc fault circuit breakers, ground fault vs. arc fault definitions, and to answer why your electrical system’s arc fault breakers are consistently tripping. A/C Electrical Services is here to answer the question, “what is an arc fault breaker,” and explain more about our arc fault breaker services in Naples, FL.

Are you looking to learn more about the difference between AFCI vs. GFCI outlets for your home? Is your arc fault circuit interrupter tripping constantly? Our friendly customer service team can help answer all your electrical questions and schedule your arc fault breaker services in Naples, FL. Call us today at (239) 597-1789.

What is an Arc Fault Breaker?

Faulty electrical wiring is one of the leading causes responsible for home electrical fires. Arc faults occur when electrical wires are corroded or otherwise compromised. AFCI circuit breakers detect these small leaks before your wiring is completely damaged and starts a fire. We can help you replace any currently damaged wires and install or fix home arc fault breaker systems.

Ground Fault vs. Arc Fault

Ground faults typically occur because water enters your electrical system or your system is poorly insulated. When it comes to AFCI vs. GFCI outlets, AFCI outlets should make up most of the electrical outputs in your home. However, in the bathroom and kitchen, GFCI outlets are regularly more useful because they are safe around water and protect against electrical shock.

Why is My Arc Fault Breaker Tripping?

If you already have an arc fault breaker system, you may be wondering about your arc fault breaker tripping constantly. Arc breakers typically trip when they were improperly installed or when appliances are incompatible with their system. If your arc fault breaker is repeatedly tripping, you should contact an electrician who can handle your wiring and outlets safely.

Arc Fault Breaker Services in Naples, FL

Our arc fault breaker services in Naples, FL handle arc fault circuit breaker installation, AFCI circuit breaker repair, residential arc fault circuit breakers, and commercial arc fault circuit breakers. All of our employees are trained in the latest electrical standards, maintain licensing, and show up to each project promptly and with the right attitude to get any job done.

Arc Fault Circuit Breaker Installation

Arc fault circuit breaker installation occurs in common dwelling areas. While your kitchen sink area benefits from GFCI outlets, AFCI outlets are also useful in the space to power your microwave. Arc fault circuit breaker installation also works to power appliances like your living room lights, and your bedroom television or computer and phone charging space.

AFCI Circuit Breaker Repair

If your wiring is improperly assembled but not damaged or your AFCI breaker is constantly tripping, you benefit from AFCI circuit breaker repair. First, it’s best to try turning your appliances off and unplugging them to see if the issue corrects itself. If not, our electricians can help you switch wires around or replace broken AFCI parts to restore your system's effectiveness.

Residential Arc Fault Circuit Breakers

Arc fault circuit breakers are required in residences to best protect against home electrical fires. Our professional team will start by inspecting your home to determine which rooms require arc fault circuit breakers, and we will then draft a potential timeline and AFCI installation cost. We can help with installations in new builds or existing homes.

Commercial Arc Fault Circuit Breakers

While commercial arc fault circuit breakers are not required, they can still help to prevent arc faults and fires in your office or warehouse space. We can help you determine if commercial arc fault circuit breakers or another electrical system is most useful in your business space. Annual commercial inspections help keep your business best up to date with the current electrical code.

Trust A/C Electrical Services With Your Arc Fault Breaker Services in Naples, FL

A/C Electrical Services offers electrical repairs, installations, and maintenance services for both residential and commercial buildings. We understand electrical needs can’t always wait for scheduled services, so we’re available 24/7 for your electrical repair or replacement needs. In addition, we offer 10 percent discounts for senior citizen and veteran services.

Do you require AFCI breaker installation in your home? The expert electrician team at A/C Electrical Services has the knowledge and experience to complete your arc fault breaker services in Naples, FL safely and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly and professional customer service team to book your services at (239) 597-1789.