Electrical Transfer Switch Installation Services

Generator Electrical Transfer Switch Installation in Naples, FL

Backup generators can be life-saving during and after natural disasters. Depending on what type of generator you buy, you can power everything from essentials like lights and cell phones to refrigerators, HVAC systems, and entire homes. However, generators are only helpful if you can switch the power supply over from the municipal grid to local production, which is where generator transfer switch installation comes in. If you need a generator transfer switch installation in Naples, FL, A/C Electrical Services can help. Contact us online or call (239) 597-1789 today. 

What Are Transfer Switches?

 A manual transfer switch is a device that transfers an electrical load from one power source to another. In this case, it transfers the load from the home’s ordinary power supply to a portable or whole-home backup generator. We generally install the generator manual transfer switch close to the service panel, making it as simple as possible to change back and forth between power sources. 

Why You Need Generator Transfer Switch Installation

 Just having a backup generator isn’t enough to provide your family with power during an outage. You’ll need an electrician to install generator transfer switch hardware because unfortunately, initial generator installations don’t always include the switches. This will certainly be the case if you’ve purchased a portable generator. Having to hire an electrician for an additional installation after already purchasing a generator can be frustrating. However, it’s always better to work with the experts at A/C Electrical Services than it is to attempt a DIY installation. We make the installation process look easy, but, frankly, it’s not. Just one mistake during a portable generator transfer switch installation can leave your equipment unable to function when it’s needed the most. Under a worst-case scenario, the generator could even sustain permanent damage, and that damage won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty if any unlicensed person has tampered with the equipment. 

How Do Transfer Switches Work?

 There are two primary types of transfer switches. Some are automatic, and others are manual. While automatic transfer switches detect power outages, manual versions must be switched on when the power goes off. They tend to be more affordable than automatic models but come with the trade-off of only working when there is someone home to turn the generator on if the power cuts out. If you want to install a portable generator transfer switch, the best option is always a manual version. Of course, when we send an electrician to install generator transfer switch devices, we’ll always inspect the home and generator before making a final recommendation and beginning the generator transfer switch installation. 

Choosing the Right Switch

 Whether you need a generator manual transfer switch for a portable unit or an automatic switch for a whole-home generator, we can help you choose the right one for your specific situation. Depending on the generator, you may need a switch with a higher wattage to handle the full load. No matter how large or small the generator is, we only offer transfer switches that meet UL/CUL certification standards. We also recommend choosing a brand for your generator transfer switch installation that offers an extensive warranty. That way, you’ll have greater certainty that when the power in Naples, FL, goes out, your transfer switch will work as intended. 

The Benefits of Transfer Switches for Portable Generators

 Some homeowners question whether a generator transfer switch installation is worth the money when they’re using portable generators. After all, they’re designed to have electrical devices plugged right in, so why not run an extension cord to the unit and use that to power devices, appliances, and lights? The answer is simple. Transfer switches make running a portable generator more convenient and less dangerous. Extension cords can be dangerous, particularly when they’re run across long distances. Portable generators need to be kept far from the home, which increases fire risks associated with extension cord misuse. Plus, when the power goes out during a storm, the last thing you’ll want to do is run outside to plug in an extension cord and turn a portable generator on. Installing a transfer switch means you won’t have to. 

Be Prepared for the Next Storm

 Do you want to be prepared the next time a serious storm rolls around? If so, trust A/C Electrical Services with your generator transfer switch installation in Naples. We have years of experience and can make sure that your system operates safely every time. Schedule an appointment with A/C Electrical Services. Contact us online or call (239) 597-1789 today.