Electrical Service Upgrade

Electrical Service Upgrade in Naples, FL

Just like all of your home’s most essential systems, your electrical system needs to be updated and upgraded periodically to keep everything functioning safely and optimally. There’s more to an electrical service upgrade than just preventing unnecessary risks, although we won’t deny that avoiding fires, explosions, and electrocution should be at the top of your priorities list. When you schedule an electrical upgrade with A/C Electrical Services, we’ll perform a full review of the current installation, determine what improvements can be made, and take every step possible to improve the usability and longevity of your home’s electrical system, as well. Schedule an electrical service upgrade in Naples, FL, with A/C Electrical Services. Contact us online or call (239) 597-1789. 

Whole-Home Electrical Upgrades

 Are you looking to update your entire home’s wiring? We install new electrical systems not just in recently constructed houses but also in existing homes of all ages. You should consider this kind of full electrical service upgrade if: 

1. The Wiring Is Outdated

 Older homes often feature outdated wiring that is not just inadequate for meeting modern families’ needs but also unsafe to use by today’s standards. Both knob-and-tube wiring and aluminum wiring went through surges in popularity over the last century, but now, electricians know better. You should update electrical wiring that falls into either of these categories immediately. 

2. Your Power Needs Have Changed

 Older electrical systems are often underpowered to meet today’s needs. In some cases, you might be able to fix the problem with an electrical panel upgrade. In others, it will take far more extensive upgrades such as installing new outlets and wiring. We’ll go over the full range of options before suggesting the best way to update electrical systems to meet modern power requirements. 

3. The Bills Are Rising Suddenly

 While it’s true that energy prices are going up across Florida, and indeed the whole country, that doesn’t mean it’s normal for your monthly bills to skyrocket suddenly without any explanation. Unexpected changes in power costs often indicate the need for electrical upgrades. Sometimes that just means installing a circuit interrupter to protect the home from energy-consuming and potentially destructive power surges. In others, it means upgrading the entire system. 

4. You Want Smart Home Tech

 Some types of smart home technology can be installed using a home’s current electrical architecture. However, if you want to upgrade to a full smart-home system, you’ll need more than a few wi-fi enabled outlets. We can perform a full electrical service upgrade and install advanced smart home technology at the same time. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

 Not every circumstance calls for a whole-home electrical service upgrade. Sometimes, just one component needs to be updated to meet modern safety regulations or a family’s changing needs. Updating breaker boxes is one fantastic example. If your breaker box was installed before 1999, shows visible signs of corrosion or other types of wear, or is not able to keep up with your home’s power demands, an electrical panel upgrade may be in order. 

Electrical Outlet Upgrades

 These days, there are more options than ever out there when it comes to electrical outlets. Before scheduling an electrical outlet upgrade, you may want to decide if you need or want: 

  • USB outlets
  • Smart outlets
  • Tamper-resistant receptacles
  • AFCI outlets
  • GFCI outlets

 Some types of outlets combine multiple safety or convenience technologies. If you’re not sure which type of electrical outlet upgrade is most appropriate, give us a call. Our team of expert electricians here at A/C Electrical Services knows how to install all kinds of outlets. 

Electrical Switch Upgrades

 As with electrical outlets, you’ll need to choose what kind of electrical switch update you want. Sometimes, the choice will be obvious. Most people understand the difference between a traditional light switch and a dimmer, for example. However, there may be better options available.  These days, the most commonly requested electrical switch update we get is too smart switches. These wall switches have internal circuitry that allows fixtures and appliances to be controlled through voice assistants or Internet apps. Depending on the type of smart switch, you might also need an electrical upgrade to your breaker box to accommodate neutral wire connections. 

Ready to Upgrade?

 Are you ready for an electrical service upgrade in Naples, FL? If so, you can trust the pros here at A/C Electrical Services to help. Our team has years of experience with everything from installing new electrical systems to upgrading individual outlets, switches, and fixtures. Let A/C Electrical Services handle your next electrical upgrade. Contact us online or call (239) 597-1789 today.